Monday, October 22, 2007

October Update 3

I managed 45 hours this week, so I'm pretty much on target at this rate to reach my goal of 200 hours for the month. Week 3 went well:

Day 15: +$2,215
Day 16: +$329
Day 17: +$1,142
Day 18: +$16
Day 19: +$51
Day 20: +$4,307
Day 21: +$1,217

Month-to-Date Stats:

Total: +$19,289

Hours: 136

Average Rate: $142/hour

Hands: 86,819

BB/100: 9.63

Despite winning every day this month so far, I've still been experiencing some large swings for $1/$2 (and a little $2/$4.) On the 18th, I was over $1k up within the first hour, then I lost over $2k(!!) in under an hour and was soon $1.3k down! (I decided to keep playing until I was back in profit even if it took all day- but it only took about 3 hours.)

Considering I'm at close to 100k hands for the month I'm very pleased with my win-rate of 9.63 BB/100. However it just shows that even 100k hands isn't a large enough sample to give an accurate figure here! Maybe you need 500k hands!? (My BB/100 since going full-time, 700k+ hands ago, is 6.62 BB/100)

(NB: 9.63 BB/100 is 4.82 PTBB/100)


Running with Spades said...

Those are some pretty serious hours. I wish I had that much free time to spend playing poker :(

Narena said...

Yeah, but I do play full-time so sometimes I feel I don't put enough hours in. That's why I set myself a 200 hour goal for this month.

Fuel55 said...

You seem like a solid thinker. I hadn't seen your blog before. Put me in your blgo roll.

Narena said...

Link is up.

Mr. Jackie O'Quinn said...

I recently discovered your blog... Keep posting it's a refreshing read. I hope my blog ends up as well as yours.

Running with Spades said...

I've got you on my roll now too.

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

Had a read through the rest of your posts that I hadn't read yesterday. Thoroughly enjoy it.

I doubt you are, but definitely don't be afraid of the 2/4 FR games on FTP. If it wasn't for my addiction to other forms of poker, I would definitely frequent that game a lot more.

There are so many poor players. When I've built up a roll on FTP again I definitely intend on hitting up that game again. I had a lot of success with it albeit for only 15k hands or so.

Open limping isn't tolerated as much but most players there seem very black and white with their play.

Anyways, GL and looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Oh and what took you to the US? I lived in SC for 18 months before going to university in Wash DC despite being from the UK.

Always curious to discover what took fellow Brits over to the US and how they landed themselves a work permit/green card etc ;)

Smart Money said...

I came over in 2000 on an international teaching program. I used to be a maths teacher!