Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Running On Full

I continue to run well, however the recent "tweeking" of my game has definitely improved my play and so I'd like to think it's not all down to the Poker Gods! :)

I made $1,715 tonight in 7 hours, meaning my stats for the past three days are:

Hands: 12,809

Hours: 17.5

BB/100: 27.03

Profit: $7,239 (inc. $315 rake back)

Rate: $414/hr

(BB/100 for the month is up to 9.94 over 92k hands)

EDIT: I just had another $1.5k+ night, so BB/100 is now up to 10.32 for the month. (BB/100 is now 25 for my last 16k hands! A nice little lucky streak!)


Amatay said...

Fairplay m8, ur killing the game. Im trying to do a similar thing that ur doing atm but i just cant seem to be able to log the hrs you do, i get too bored. Very impressive anyways gl

Amatay said...

What sort of times of the day do you usually play btw?

thaREALdmoney said...

Hey, Just started reading your blog. It's pretty good.

As much as the tits are nice to see, I was reading it at work adn scrolled and all of a sudden 3 people are staring at my monitors and there are like 4 sets of tits on the screen haha. WOOPS

It's so strange after playing 6max cash games for a few years now to see how passive a really winning strategy is at full ring.

As i read the HHs i have to keep reminding myself it's not 6max so I don't shake my head at some limps and stuff.