Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Another "Run-of-the-Mill" $4.3k Night at $1/$2...

Sometimes the cards hit you in the face and give you big hand after big hand. Last night they didn't just hit me; they tied me up and fucked me up the arse. I have never run so well. (I played pretty well too, and I don't remember a significant single mistake all night.)

In total I made $4,307 in just under 8 hours ($4,162 + $145 rake back) from 5,708 hands. (36BB/100!) :)

The biggest hand of the evening is something I've only seen once before:

Flopped Set vs Set vs Set

The very last hand of the evening is typical of the luck I had- when my under set turned quads:

Quads vs Full House

Stats from the evening:

Some other points:

*I was dealt AA 34 times (25 would be average) and won every single pot with them!

*I was dealt KK 33 times and won all but 3 pots with them.

*I only lost one major pot all night when some muppet rivered a flush vs my trips.

I am such a luck-box.

A couple of people have recently asked to see my Poker Tracker stats for $1/$2. Here are the 700k hands since going full-time 6 months ago:


theredpill99 said...

I just pooped.

JPhil007 said...

Very good job Narena!

6.5 big blinds / 100 (3.25 Poker Tracker Big Bets / 100) is a good win rate for a long sequence like that!

Where is the variance in your graph? lol

Keep the good work!


Narena said...

Cheers JP.

How are you getting on with the $2/$4 tables?

JPhil007 said...

I'm doing "ok", but my win rate is lower than 1/2 obv.

I play 3/6, 5/10 and 10/20 NL too when I see good tables. The game is A LOT more aggressive than NL 1/2.

I will continue to play at that level for few weaks and see if I can be a good winner on the long term.

I played around 40 000 hands in october and my net winnings is between 20k and 25k$, my best month so far! :)

An Amateur Contemplates said...


Discovered your blog via your thread in 2+2. Congrats, mate. That's a really impressive score. Really admire your discipline. Anyways, going to put you blog up on mine.

Best wishes,

The Amateur

Narena said...

I've had a read of your blog before. I've added the link.

Narena said...

That's a great month so far JP. I hope you continue to do well.

I'm very interested to see how you get on at the higher levels as it's something I'm always considering!

An Amateur Contemplates said...

P.S. post a screenshot of your 3x30". That is sick :)

I think I'd have to have a permanent maseuse on hand for the neck swivelling!

Amatay said...

nice work m8. Im going full time soon, hopefully i run aswell as this lol, gl

Narena said...

I'll get that screen shot of the 3 x 30" Dells up once the IT guy has connected my latest monitor up.

(There is a pic of my 2 x 30" Dells + 1 x 24" Dell on the very first post of this blog.)

Anonymous said...

very well done mike, i'm curious tho why would you contemplate moving up levels when you secure a very healthy wage at he level you currently play how much areww you considering risk v reward in making a decision like that??