Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Another "Run-of-the-Mill" $4.3k Night at $1/$2...

Sometimes the cards hit you in the face and give you big hand after big hand. Last night they didn't just hit me; they tied me up and fucked me up the arse. I have never run so well. (I played pretty well too, and I don't remember a significant single mistake all night.)

In total I made $4,307 in just under 8 hours ($4,162 + $145 rake back) from 5,708 hands. (36BB/100!) :)

The biggest hand of the evening is something I've only seen once before:

Flopped Set vs Set vs Set

The very last hand of the evening is typical of the luck I had- when my under set turned quads:

Quads vs Full House

Stats from the evening:

Some other points:

*I was dealt AA 34 times (25 would be average) and won every single pot with them!

*I was dealt KK 33 times and won all but 3 pots with them.

*I only lost one major pot all night when some muppet rivered a flush vs my trips.

I am such a luck-box.

A couple of people have recently asked to see my Poker Tracker stats for $1/$2. Here are the 700k hands since going full-time 6 months ago:


Anonymous said...

I just pooped.

JPhil007 said...

Very good job Narena!

6.5 big blinds / 100 (3.25 Poker Tracker Big Bets / 100) is a good win rate for a long sequence like that!

Where is the variance in your graph? lol

Keep the good work!


Narena said...

Cheers JP.

How are you getting on with the $2/$4 tables?

JPhil007 said...

I'm doing "ok", but my win rate is lower than 1/2 obv.

I play 3/6, 5/10 and 10/20 NL too when I see good tables. The game is A LOT more aggressive than NL 1/2.

I will continue to play at that level for few weaks and see if I can be a good winner on the long term.

I played around 40 000 hands in october and my net winnings is between 20k and 25k$, my best month so far! :)

Anonymous said...


Discovered your blog via your thread in 2+2. Congrats, mate. That's a really impressive score. Really admire your discipline. Anyways, going to put you blog up on mine.

Best wishes,

The Amateur

Narena said...

I've had a read of your blog before. I've added the link.

Narena said...

That's a great month so far JP. I hope you continue to do well.

I'm very interested to see how you get on at the higher levels as it's something I'm always considering!

Anonymous said...

P.S. post a screenshot of your 3x30". That is sick :)

I think I'd have to have a permanent maseuse on hand for the neck swivelling!

Amatay said...

nice work m8. Im going full time soon, hopefully i run aswell as this lol, gl

Narena said...

I'll get that screen shot of the 3 x 30" Dells up once the IT guy has connected my latest monitor up.

(There is a pic of my 2 x 30" Dells + 1 x 24" Dell on the very first post of this blog.)

Anonymous said...

very well done mike, i'm curious tho why would you contemplate moving up levels when you secure a very healthy wage at he level you currently play how much areww you considering risk v reward in making a decision like that??