Monday, October 15, 2007

October Update 2

I managed 40 hours this week, so on target at this rate for about 190 hours. I'll try to step it up a bit. I've been taking a nap in the evenings/night from about 9pm - 2am and then playing. I'd like to be able to start a little earlier really but my sleeping pattern is all messed right now and I'm too tired to play without that extra sleep.

Day 8: +$303
Day 9: +$753
Day 10: +$1,505
Day 11: +$602
Day 12: +$909
Day 13: +$114
Day 14: +$109

Total: +$10,013

Hours: 91

Average Rate: $110/hour

Hands: 60,859

BB/100: 6.04

So, 14 consecutive winning days so far but strangely I have had to recover from an average deficit of $650 on half of those days!

Here's a $800 cooler from a $2/$4 table this morning. Probably not the best flop play by the villain but it worked for him! He may have been trying an intentional "mis-click" but all of the money was going in anyway.

$2/$4 Cooler


Amatay said...

Nice work m8. What games and lims have you been playing on in order to achieve these targets?? Also how the fuck do play soooo many tables. I play 6 myself and could prob do around 9 but anything over that is imposs!

Amatay said...

Just been reading over all your blog mate and i reckon theres a good chance me and you have played lots of hands together!

Smart Money said...

12 x $1/$2 NL on Full Tilt. Name is "Narena."

What's your Full Tilt screen name?

Anonymous said...


Do you have chat turned off at the tables, or are you chat banned?

Also, why are you wasting your time at 1/2 instead of just going to 2/4.


Narena said...

Hi dobieatwar.

I was chat banned a few months ago, but have decided to not have it reinstated. (See my July 26 post for more details!)

I play the odd $2/$4 table alongside $1/$2. I'll continue to do so until I have enough hands to decide whether it's better just to move up.

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