Monday, October 08, 2007

October Update 1

One week down, and I'm on target to reach 200 hours by the end of the month.

I wasn't going to play last night due to being tired, but figured that I'd be giving up potential earnings if I missed a day. A can of Red Bull woke me up though and I managed 6 hours at the tables to take me up to 50 hours for the week.

Day 1: +$500
Day 2: +$533
Day 3: +$1,288
Day 4: +$676
Day 5: +$709
Day 6: +$503
Day 7: +$1,512

Total: +$5,720

Hours: 50

Average Rate: $114/hour

Hands: 32,659

BB/100: 6.16

A good month so far! :)

I bought an extra monitor last week. My set-up now consists of 3 x 30" Dells and a 24" Dell. Despite being able to have all four connected, I think I'll just stick with the three 30"s. I'll post up a couple of photos soon.

I really wish Full Tilt would allow you to play more than 12 cash tables. I know I could play 16 comfortably, and maybe as many as 20. I posted a few weeks ago about having played 16 tables simultaneously, but it meant having to play 12 on Full Tilt and 4 on Pokerstars- and having to constantly switch focus from the format of one site to the other made things difficult.


Anonymous said...

Been having a read of your blog and have been very impressed with how good your game must be suited to multitabling to acheive such big and consistant profits. I understand if you dont wish to share this information but im just wondering what sort of figures you are showing on poker tracker for VP$IP, PFR% and AF. Also I'd be intrested to how you play pairs 22 to 99 in early to middle position, do you limp or raise? And what your raising range is on the button or CO and in early position?

Also, do you defend your blinds a lot or do you just play these passively seeing as you multitable and play so many hands that its kind of unnecessary to get mixed up in big pots with weak/average holdings OOP.

Once again, no problem if you care to divulge this sort of information, I would just be intrigued to know as from what I have read you seem to have the perfect low/med NL full ring strategy for multitabling.

All the best at the poker tables, not that you seem to need it. ;)

Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer here (BurnleyMicks Brother) Just wondering if you could pop by my blog have a read and maybe link me up if you like what you see. Cheers

Smart Money said...

Link is up.

Smart Money said...

Without getting too specific:

VPIP is anywhere from 17% to 22% depending on how I'm playing.

PFR% is around 6-7%

I've never looked at my AF, so I wouldn't know without checking.

I don't advise raising with low/mid pairs from early position.

My raising range obviously expands with position, but I never raise with junk. Likewise, defending blinds with junk isn't worth it at full-ring cash tables.