Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July Report

July ended well, with five consecutive $1,000+ days.

Total: $18,725

Hours: 154

Average Rate1: $121/hr

Average Rate2: $604/day

Rake Earned: $2,893 (included in above total)

Losing Days: 4

$1k+ Days: 12

Best Day: $1,916

Worst Day: -$763

P&L Charts

The following P&L charts/graphs are a selection of some that I have written for my Excel spreadsheet (see earlier post for link.)

They are pretty self-explanatory, except perhaps the 12-Month Projection graph. This takes the profit for the fiscal year (since going full-time, March 07) to date, and projects the remainder of the year based on recent form. Two separate recent form values are calculated; average for past 30 days and average for past 90 days. Finally the average of these averages(!) is used for the final projection.


Highstack said...

Graphs are nice and pretty Mike.

Bazza said...

Hi mate, I'm playing as PaulLeGuen.

Managed to get eh $$ sorted so should be ok unless I go on a major tilt spree, but thanks anyway.

Some nice results there :)


Anonymous said...

Show off :)

Great figures mate (Not just the tit pictures)

Keep it up and the custard creams will definitely be on you in September.


Anonymous said...

just wondering what site u mainly play on?

Smart Money said...

Mainly Full Tilt

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Nice blog and congrats on the 200K mark. I play on Tilt with you quite a bit. My winrate's higher but you crush me in total hands and total cash. Wish I had your stamina.

Any special reason or meaning for the nick Narena? And why did you move to North Carolina? Isn't it better in England as far as taxes are concerned?

Smart Money said...


What's your screen name?

How many tables do you play? How many hours a day on average?

"Narena" is my 4-year old daughter's name.

I moved to North Carolina to teach Mathematics and I ended up staying.

snoopy1239 said...

Crikey. A chartaholic!

Smart Money said...

I've had counselling, my parents have disowned me, and I've lost custody of my kids all because I am a chartaholic!

I've tried to break it, but everytime it's the same: "Just one more graph."