Friday, August 10, 2007

12 + 4 = 16

I decided to try increasing the number of tables that I play tonight. Full Tilt has a limit of 12 cash tables, so I opened up 4 tables on Poker Stars too.

It took about an hour to get into the flow. After that it wasn't really too much trouble. I made a little over $700 in 4.5 hours, so not a bad return for the first effort.

For now, I plan to continue trying 16 tables for the next few days and see what happens. If it goes well then I'm going to add 2 more Poker Stars tables and try playing 18.

Even with two 30" monitors (see initial post on blog for pictures) there is still a little overlap of tables. Here are screen shots from both monitors taken just after I'd finished playing:

Left Monitor Screen Shot

Right Monitor Screen Shot

August Update 1

August has gone OK, but not great, so far. Total after 9 days is $3,170 from 44 hours. ($72/hr.)

Poker Chairs

My poker chairs finally arrived this week, and they look pretty good. Hopefully I'll get some mates over next week and start taking their money.... I mean, start teaching them how to play!

Breast Competition #5

This lovely picture is of a Jamaican friend of mine who I met when a group of us went to Montego Bay for a lads' holiday. She was the trainee-manageress of the hotel. She was very helpful and most accommodating.

So, real or fake?


Bazza said...


JG said...

defo real (and lovely too)

JPhil007 said...


And what is the signification of the red mark beside my player name? :P

Smart Money said...

Tight/generally winning players I identify by the red mark.

Fish have a green mark, and the fishiest of the fish- who don't have a fold button- are blue.

JPhil007 said...

Don't forget to put a green mark for Matt Hughes!

I would give him a red mark qhen he fights in the octagon, but at poker it is different! lol

crazyplay said...

Can I just say that you're my hero smartmoney. My online poker role model. I want your life!

Smart Money said...

Thank-you. A signed pair of under-pants are on their way to you. :)