Saturday, December 01, 2007

November Report

November was my worst full month since I went full time nine months ago. I certainly didn't have the run of cards in general this month (tonight alone I was due an extra $1,000 from All In luck!!) but no complaints- I'm sure I had my fair share of luck during my $25k+ month in October. It all evens out long term.

My play was OK in general but I certainly had some spells of poor play too. I also moved up from 12 tables to 16 tables this month and that took a little adjusting to and it definitely hurt my BB/100 initially.

Total: $13,816

Hours: 173

Average Rate1: $80/hr

Average Rate2: $461/day

Rake Earned: $3,751 (included in above total)

Losing Days: 8

$1k+ Days: 11

Best Day: +$2,187

Worst Day: -$1,221

Total Hands: 138,832

$1/$2 BB/100: 2.91 (Last month was 7.91)

On the plus side, I had that $2k win in the Ironman freeroll. I also made $10.6k from a couple of sports bets; so it was a $24k profit month in total- just not all from poker! :)

Muppet of the Day #7: Curler98

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Narena [Ad Ah]
(Dealt to Curler98 [Kh Ac])
juicyjc folds
D97187 folds
Curler98 calls $2
juarino folds
Bigkawik folds
hogg420_661 raises to $16
SDDana folds
Narena raises to $30 <---- Original raiser was pretty short hence the min raise :)
eunlee728 folds
Curler98 calls $28
hogg420_661 calls $14
*** FLOP *** [3d 5c Js]
Narena checks
Curler98 checks
hogg420_661 bets $26
Narena calls $26
Curler98 calls $26 <---- Nice call
*** TURN *** [3d 5c Js] [Qc]
Narena bets $108
Curler98 calls $51.75, and is all in <---- Great vision. WP.
hogg420_661 folds
Narena shows [Ad Ah]
Curler98 shows [Kh Ac]
Uncalled bet of $56.25 returned to Narena
*** RIVER *** [3d 5c Js Qc] [Ts]
Narena shows a pair of Aces
Curler98 shows a straight, Ace high
Curler98 wins the pot ($270.50) with a straight, Ace high

Muppet of the Day #8: SONNIEGIRL

SONNIEGIRL became the proud winner of this prestigious award today- not for his/her/its play so much (although the small flop bet was terrible, but rather for his/her/its comment afterwards)

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Narena [Jc Tc]
fishouttawatta folds
Jman Returns folds
BareAce11 folds
giveusakiss folds
The Guok folds
27Fish checks
Narena calls $2
SONNIEGIRL raises to $10
CrazyMarry2 folds
27Fish folds
Narena calls $8
*** FLOP *** [Kd Qc 6s]
SONNIEGIRL has 15 seconds left to act
SONNIEGIRL bets $10 <---- Nice and cheap
Narena calls $10
*** TURN *** [Kd Qc 6s] [Ad]
SONNIEGIRL has 15 seconds left to act
Narena raises to $134
SONNIEGIRL calls $63.10, and is all in
Narena shows [Jc Tc]
SONNIEGIRL shows [Qd Qs]
Uncalled bet of $34.90 returned to Narena
*** RIVER *** [Kd Qc 6s Ad] [4c]
Narena shows a straight, Ace high
SONNIEGIRL shows three of a kind, Queens
Narena wins the pot ($239.20) with a straight, Ace high
SONNIEGIRL is sitting out

SONNIEGIRL: nice call on the flop <---- fucking muppet


Raiser153 said...


raylapsley said...

congrats Mike on another solid month - sports betting always make me sweaty though!
You;ll have to pop up when you are in Sussex

Benji said...

Nice work, do you mind me asking why you don't play 6max ?

Smart Money said...

Because I don't think I could play as long sessions or play as many tables (because more thought is needed) and therefore I wouldn't make as much.

raylapsley said...

I agree with Sonnie - what a muppet can you call that........he/she/it has a set and with that massive bet of 10$ doesnt give you ANY odds to can you fish with an open ended straight........its fish like you that make me sick!!!!!!! Lol

I had the same yesterday when my AA vs his KK all in preflop hit a q92 board and he hit T and J - then he gives me grief!!!! But I was a KUNT, not a muppet

So are you kermit, miss piggy or gonzo?

Bazclef said...

Hey sir, great blog!

I'm just wondering, how do you manage to play 140,000 hands in a month? How many hours/tables do you play if you don't mind me asking? :)

Smart Money said...

Typically around 15 tables for 6 hours a day.

Ukgatsby said...

Nice results
gl gl for December


Smart Money said...

Cheers Paul

Fuel55 said...

Here's another MUPPET:

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Fuel55 [Ad Jc]
lifegoezon: folds
pyppox1: folds
rdegs21: folds
NutsInYoEye: folds
hoebi: folds
kantarell: folds
ERockGuy: raises $12 to $16
fisheagle777: calls $14
Fuel55: calls $12
*** FLOP *** [7c 8h Js]
fisheagle777: bets $101.80 and is all-in
Fuel55: raises $101.80 to $203.60
ERockGuy: folds
*** TURN *** [7c 8h Js] [Ts]
*** RIVER *** [7c 8h Js Ts] [9s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
fisheagle777: shows [2c Qc] (a straight, Eight to Queen)
Fuel55: mucks hand
fisheagle777 collected $248.60 from pot

Wildcat said...

Great results Mike, keep it up!

Smart Money said...

Cheers Nick!