Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December Goals

Here's what I wrote at the start of November:

I don't intend to play as much poker this month. I'm going to focus more on working out, boxing and playing football. I also want to ensure that I'm fresh and full of energy each day so that I can play more with my daughters. So poker will have to fit around everything else.

I plan to start earlier each day meaning I can finish earlier so that it's not lunchtime before I go to bed! I may also play during the afternoon a little when the tables are a little tougher so I expect my BB/100 will be lower this month.

I didn't really meet these goals, so I'm going to make an extra effort this month.

I have hired a personal trainer friend of mine for the month to ensure I get to the gym each day. I also have a boxing training so I will try and box at least three times a week.

I am determined that poker will take a backseat this month. It's so easy to let it engulf your life which, even if you're winning, isn't such a good thing.

I devoted even more time than usual during October to poker, really just to see how much I could make in one month. I made over $25k in total and I think I could repeat that (or close to it) for any month if I chose to. However, at what cost? Working nights is not something your body ever adapts to, and the resulting long-term health issues are not clear. Being tired during the day means that it's hard to get anything constructive done including working out and eating well. I also hate being tired when my daughters are round as I feel that I sometimes "short-change" them.

Amazingly my monthly expenses are over $8,000! (How the fuck can it be that high!!?) So as long as I make $10k then I won't have to sell the house and work the streets, so that is my poker goal for this month. Therefore, without putting pressure on myself to make as much money as possible, I should be able to concentrate on my non-poker goals.


Benji said...

maybe you could try polyphasic sleep ?
only for the hardcore.

Nice goals, I intend to do much the same this month.

raylapsley said...

Good post Mike, and exactly how I feel about things - nothing is worse than not having the energy for your kids, and in particular wishing that you were at the tables rather than playing with them. From what you have written you could make 10-15K by playing just a little more than half your usual hours anyway, and if you are like me, by the year end you will have probably played about 340 days out of 365 - the rest time is needed, even if it is only a few hours of poker a day
But wtf do you spend $8K a month on?!!!!!
Personal Trainers are great as well, as you do have to leave the house - only problem is that usually your appointments, no matter what time, are at the most lucrative times to play poker!
By the way, I am running a Leukameia fun run on Sunday dressed as Father Xmas - how much are you, and Kenny, sponsoring me?

SubZero said...

Hey, really enjoyed reading your exploits from the last month, good to have further insight into the life of a pro, as I'm going to give it a shot myself next year. Would appreciate your comments on my blog if you ever read anything of interest there, and have included a link to your page there also.
Best of luck for December, hope you continue to play well.

Smart Money said...


Here are my major monthly expenses ($):

Mortgage: 2,650
Car Loans: 1,010
Girls' Health Insurance: 230
Cable: 300
Gardeners: 250
Utilities: 300
Cleaner: 300
Nanny/babysitter: 1,400
Babies' "Momma" 1,000
Personal Trainer: 600

+ Food, misc, sex, and drugs.

Put me down for £100 for the fun run. Good luck!

Smart Money said...

Polyphasic sleep sounds like the answer! I might have to try that!


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you need to make more than 10k if you factor in taxes or are you a tax evader! IRS time

Smart Money said...

Obviously I have to pay taxes on any winnings I make while resident in the US. (UK citizens are exempt from paying taxes on any gambling winnings won in the US but that does not apply if you are a US resident.) So I need to NET $10k a month.

JPhil said...

Short stack "muppet of the day" :

FullTiltPoker Game - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em - 3:25:44 ET - 2007/12/09
Seat 1: Play Fair Pls ($350)
Seat 2: LuckyRoo ($1,138.50)
Seat 3: HERO ($1,990)
Seat 4: MicahJ ($5,436.95)
Seat 5: Arsonchrist ($4,153)
Seat 6: dwballz ($2,009)
Seat 7: 21SeanTaylor ($3,259)
Seat 8: PoorNapoleon ($2,000)
Seat 9: russbuster ($2,212)
MicahJ posts the small blind of $10
Arsonchrist posts the big blind of $20
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to HERO [7h 7d]

dwballz folds
21SeanTaylor folds
PoorNapoleon folds
russbuster folds
Play Fair Pls raises to $70
LuckyRoo folds
HERO has 15 seconds left to act
HERO raises to $210
MicahJ folds
Arsonchrist folds
Play Fair Pls calls $140
*** FLOP *** [7c 2s 3h]
Play Fair Pls has 15 seconds left to act
21SeanTaylor: 3rd nutskis
Play Fair Pls bets $140, and is all in
HERO calls $140
Play Fair Pls shows [Jc 8c]
HERO shows [7h 7d]
dwballz: #&$@
*** TURN *** [7c 2s 3h] [9h]
*** RIVER *** [7c 2s 3h 9h] [Th]

Play Fair Pls shows a straight, Jack high
HERO shows three of a kind, Sevens
Play Fair Pls wins the pot ($727) with a straight, Jack high


Just ridiculous... I run so bad in december! weeeeeee :)