Monday, November 05, 2007

November Goals

I don't intend to play as much poker this month. I'm going to focus more on working out, boxing and playing football. I also want to ensure that I'm fresh and full of energy each day so that I can play more with my daughters. So poker will have to fit around everything else.

I plan to start earlier each day meaning I can finish earlier so that it's not lunchtime before I go to bed! I may also play during the afternoon a little when the tables are a little tougher so I expect my BB/100 will be lower this month.

My only poker goals are:

1. To try to not let bad beats tilt or frustrate me at all. I'm usually pretty good about this now- but there are still times when I'll punch the desk and wake up my house mates at 4am by screaming out "YOU FUCKING USELESS CUNT." (I may make some "Muppet of the Day" posts so I can laugh at the bad beats rather than cry over them!)

2. To not play drunk. (I already broke this- losing $1,200 on Saturday night- although this was mainly down to bad beats/coolers rather than being drunk per se.)

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