Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Muppet of the Day #5: FittSmurf

FittSmurf is a fairly decent regular (~4 Big Blinds/100 from >30k hands) across 8 tables.

He wins today's Muppet of the Day award not because of poor play, but rather, for showing extremely poor etiquette by slow-rolling. Some may say "for being a complete cunt" but personally I wouldn't use that type of language.

In the hand in question, he requests time and lets his clock run right down before calling my all-in on the turn while holding the nuts. (It wasn't a case of being distracted elsewhere either- if you're only playing 8 tables then a $500 pot doesn't get ignored.)

Very disappointing behaviour from another regular. I have already taken him off of my Christmas Card list.

FittSmurf has 15 seconds left to act
FittSmurf has requested TIME

FittSmurf calls $191.55
Narena shows [Jd Qh]
FittSmurf shows [Js Qs]
*** RIVER *** [3d Td Ks Ah] [5c]
Narena shows a straight, Ace high
FittSmurf shows a straight, Ace high
Narena ties for the pot ($249.55) with a straight, Ace high
FittSmurf ties for the pot ($249.55) with a straight, Ace high

Muppet of the Day #6: Narena

For my tired play at the end of an 8 hour session with this $700-pot hand.

My flop and turn play is fine I think, as I was planning to c/r the turn.

My river call is fucking awful. I even said out loud "You hit the fucking ten you cunt"- and then still called! I knew he had hit the 3-outer (obviously he has 4 other outs to beat me- but he has no chance of getting a call if an Ace or Two falls) and, when fresh, I could usually find a very easy fold.

Oh well.

Full Tilt Poker Game #4247882418: Table Rio Poco - $1/$2 - No Limit Hold'em - 8:34:45 ET - 2007/11/21
Seat 1: Pokeonthewater ($347)
Seat 2: iamthebrit ($70)
Seat 3: bashman ($52.05)
Seat 4: Narena ($413.30)
Seat 5: TwistedDonkey ($246.35)
Seat 6: nightmareju ($198)
Seat 7: bil ivy ($218.10)
Seat 8: bndorcia ($36)
Seat 9: anondor ($198)
bashman posts the small blind of $1
Narena posts the big blind of $2
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Narena [7d 7h]
TwistedDonkey folds
nightmareju folds
bil ivy folds
bndorcia folds
anondor folds
Pokeonthewater raises to $6
iamthebrit folds
bashman folds
Narena calls $4
*** FLOP *** [7c 2h Ad]
Narena checks
Pokeonthewater bets $10
Narena raises to $28
Pokeonthewater raises to $46
Narena calls $18
*** TURN *** [7c 2h Ad] [Ah]
Narena checks
Pokeonthewater checks
*** RIVER *** [7c 2h Ad Ah] [Th]
Narena bets $50
Pokeonthewater has 15 seconds left to act <----- Such a dead giveaway that he has the FH
Pokeonthewater raises to $295, and is all in <----- ...especially when combined with the turn check and river overbet
Narena calls $245 <------- What a fucking muppet
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Pokeonthewater shows [As Tc] a full house, Aces full of Tens
Narena mucks
Pokeonthewater wins the pot ($692) with a full house, Aces full of Tens

It's a Bittersweet Symphony, this Life.

England's home defeat against Croatia was bitter sweet for me this afternoon. Needing at least a draw to qualify for Euro 2008, we committed hari-kari and lost 3-2. The consolation for me was that I had backed Croatia for £500 to win @11.0 and with some in-running trading I made a total profit of over £5,000 ($10,500.)

I would have preferred to have lost the bet though as it meant us qualifying instead.

Girl-on-Girl Action

Acevader (Kenny) has made some good posts recently on the topic of "Regular-on-Regular Action" [on the 2+2 forum.]

There are two extremes to this I think, with most of the regs falling towards the latter stages of this continuum.

You can constantly go to war with other regulars "playing poker" and make a profit across less than maximum tables.

Alternatively you can minimise your confrontations with the other regulars and concentrate more on the fish. This requires a lot less effort allowing you to play more tables (and probably for longer periods.)

Now obviously if you're able to exploit certain tendencies that other regs may have then it's foolish to not do so. However, I believe the biggest winners are those that don't go out of their way to attack the other regs- and instead focus more on the easy money that is out there.

My goal isn't to be the "best" player at these stakes per se. Rather it is to be the biggest winner.

I'm starting to analyse the game of other regulars more closely now. (As part of my recent analysis of other regulars' I've been prepared to sacrifice some short term profits by making some otherwise pretty poor light calls- and even making some poor unorthadox plays- just to get a showdown to see what they've been playing and to see how they react to those plays.)

I'm analysing their game not because I intend to initiate more fights with them at the tables, but because I don't want my game exploited. As someone who usually plays 15/16 tables now, you open yourself up a little because that many tables limits your focus on individual players- whereas an aggressive regular who only plays half as many tables naturally gives themselves an edge in those one-on-one battles. Albeit at the greater expense of them often failing to fully exploit the poorer players that are out there.


Kenny said...

Are you absolutely sure he doesn't have FTS with 'auto-request time' on? IIRC I don't think he does but you never know. This sort of behaviour does seem to fit with his personality though. He's probably, in fact, he is the player at NL$200 that I most want to see get his comeuppance!!

Smart Money said...

I'm pretty sure he doesn't- but even so, you don't ignore a $500 pot that long. He knew what he was doing.

Kenny said...


Would have been so sweet if you were freerolling the diamond draw and hit it :D

raylapsley said...

Funny - I dont get annoyed or wound up by players, but that guy has registered on my "Tosser Radar". He does seem to fluctuate my Karma when hes at the same tables, but also he isnt that good either!
I saw another guy slow roll a nut flush yesterday as well when he said he was debating if the guy had the straight flush
Im still not using FTS - really must get round to it - I cant get the set program to work either, so Ill just continue playing by gas lamp in my cave

Smart Money said...


Kenny said...

I'm trying to send both you guys emails at the moment but they are not getting through cause hotmail is playing up!! I'm not ignoring you Ian.

Anonymous said...

the QJ hand made me lol... was an attempted slowroll really since you chopped but still unethical obv.

the 77 hand. you c/r the flop so he knows you're strong. the turn gives him trips. you pray he has an ace and ck to him.

i don't like this because..... he has seen you c/r the flop. if he does fear you have the case A then he may check behind fearing he is outkicked.

basically... you duped him into betting on the flop. raised. got called. it's unlikely he will fall for it again on the turn.

obv he prob should have bet the turn as his trips will usually be ahead... but imo you showed big strength on the flop and don't have much element of disguise left.

the river is standard imo. tbh if you're usually folding there then you're probably folding the best hand a lot. obv if the board pairs with a 2 then it is an easy but annoying fold. but a 10 coming? his range of kickers is 4 cards usually - K->10 so it's hard to KNOW the river card paired his. they usually raise trips regardless and tbh if the river blanked i think he would have raised you.

one question... using 2 monitors at once... is it easy? how does using just 1 mouse work? obv the mouse's scope is usually the area of one monitor... w/e.. if you could do another post about your set-up soon it would be of help to me and a few others prob. ty.

Smart Money said...

I actually think his turn check is good play. He's usually miles ahead or miles behind here. It saves him money when behind- and will usually make him money when he's ahead (because a turn bet will likely be met with a fold, whereas a river bet has a better chance of getting through) and of course it also gives him a free card for when he is behind.

(It gives an opponent who is behind a free card too of course, but typically there are only 2 outs to an opponent who is behind compared to his 7 outs when he is behind.)

I think the strongest part of my game is making good reads. A printed Hand History misses the vital information given out by the timing of opponents' actions. However, even with just the HH here, I think the turn check, long river dwell, and large overbet all point to an obvious full house.

A said...

Just for fun the name "Fittsmurf" is Swedish for Pussy Smurf. Just a fun fact hehe


Smart Money said...

Apt name for him then. :)

Wonky said...

Mike i've not dropped in for a while and it has to be said I'm most upset by the lack of boobage in recent weeks. Please resolve this issue as soon as pos and I'll be happy to grace your fine pages on a more regular basis.



Amatay said...

Yeah ,gd point. More boobies please mate lol

legiorgio said...


Nice blog, I added it to this blog portal

d.aneo said...

That 77 is an easy lay down. I am sure if you were on ur game you would have dropped it in a second.

How does your bb/100 run as a function of absolute time? Meaning, how profitable is it for you to play at night? There are def times when worse players play, and def times where I play worse. Have you tried graphing these and trying to optimize this way?

Smart Money said...

You're right. It was, and I would have.

I don't play enough during non 9pm - 6am EST hours to make accurate comparisons.