Thursday, October 25, 2007

One [Quarter of a] Million Dollars..... moo ha ha!!!

Last night I reached my $250,000 mark for online poker profit- most of which has been made on the $1/$2 tables. (My earlier posts have a breakdown of all previous months' profits.)


Running with Spades said...

Wow, congrats. What's the time period on that?

Smart Money said...

$137k this year (full-time since March.)

$86k last year (part-time.)

$27k from the previous year playing low-stake limit cash and STTs.

voiceofjoe said...

Congrats - Mike.

Can you answer a technique question for me ?

From looking at your examples i can see your willing to call quite a decent rasie with small pocket pairs - what degree of raise would you call with low suited connectors
78 or 56 for example ? (in position)

Smart Money said...

Hi Joe.

It's far less "black and white" than with pocket pairs.

Ideally though, I like to call in position with at least one other caller in between.

Fuel55 said...

Ever think of moving up?

ymaw_spu said...

Hey mate congratulations.Hoping you can help me out. On one of your previous posts you mentioned how you have auto timebank on fulltilt i cant for the life of me figure out how you have that. Just started playing there. Can ya help me please.

:) thanks

Smart Money said...

You need to download the "Full Tilt Shortcuts" software:

Smart Money said...

fuel55: It's something I often consider. I've mentioned it in some previous posts.

Kenny said...

I downloaded FT shortcuts after Mike advised me and its $25 well spent! This morning I was 9 tabling with auto timer request on and these other automations:

* Reload as soon as I'm $2 down or more
* When I sit down it buys me in for max, waits for the BB and auto-posts.
* It defaults my pre-flop raise to 4bb and adds 1bb per limper.
* It automatically sets up my most likely continuation bet size in the bet window but I can scroll to increase or decrease it.

Very useful and totally reduces your admin allowing you to worry about playing.

Anonymous said...

huge congrats mike (tho are congrats the right thing seeing as this is your wage!!)

seriously well done tho seeing as your blog is interesting i'll ask a serious question

what drove you to become full time other than success at part time did you have enough of the rat race??


Smart Money said...

Hi mate (and thanks.)

I hadn't "had enough" of working- it's just that I was earning more from poker than as a financial analyst.

I was also in the very fortunate position that I was working for a very good friend who owns several businesses. (The largest of which is a staffing company worth in excess of $20 million.) Therefore if I ever needed to return to a more conventional form of employment then I could always go back and work for him- so there wasn't any pressure on me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice blog. Stumbled accross it.

Are u london based?
Gutshot player?

Im in london investment banking, looking to get out. grinding nl100/nl200 and look to be in a similar position to u 2 yrs ago.

Be cool for advice.

Smart Money said...

I'm from Sussex- but am in US right now.

Hope the poker is going well!

Anonymous said...

Is the secret to your success 4-betting with QJo, and getting allin for 175 BB as a 2-1 underdog?


Smart Money said...


I'll dedicate a post to the hand you're referring to- to help you improve your game.