Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fish with Extra Chips Please

I went over to the Brighton Rendezvous Casino last night with Snap and Canaryboy from the Betfair forum to play in their £30 Rebuy event. (I'd played there once before when I was back in England 2 years ago, and managed to pick up 3rd place on that occassion.)

With unlimited rebuys and an optional add-on, the field of 43 had 107 rebuys/add-ons for a £4,500 prize pool. Starting stacks were 2,000 with 25/50 blinds, and a 30 minute clock.

Just as when I had played before, the runners were nearly all regulars. They all seemed to know each other well and they were generally pretty pleasant. The overall standard was pretty poor with few decent players.

I managed to get my stack up to nearly 12,000 just before the break, before losing half my stack against some atrocious play which included my OOP opponent calling my pre-flop raise and flop bet with K7 on a Q44 flop.

One guy rebought 6-7 times before the break after discovering that calling gutshots on the flop and pre-flop all-ins with 86s weren't optimal plays. (I raised to 4,000 UTG with KK @50/100 when I chucked in 1k chips instead of 100s, and he called off his 2k stack with his pretty-looking suited rags.)

I intended to take an add-on at the break as my 6,600 [average] stack couldn't afford a big hit. However, after having a piss, beer and cigarette I discovered that I had left it too late.

After the break, I was able to build my stack to around 15k and I stayed around that mark from two tables out until the Final Table.

I raised the first 3 or 4 hands on the Final Table and managed to double up with my set of 4s against the BB's AQ. I then shoved my 40k in to take the 4.5k of blinds plus 3k from a limper with my JJ. However I had a call from the button (approx 10k) with K9. The turn gave me a set and him a gutshot, and the river gave him his straight just as he had finished saying goodbye- so he sat back down.

Two hands later I raised to 12k UTG (2k/4k) with AA. "K9 man" is the only caller from the blinds, and we see a ragged flop. I put him all in and he starts to think. It's quite clear he has fuck all. It's an easy call for any pair given the current pot size. It's also an easy fold for just about any other holding. I had started to get a little cocky (in a friendly way) at the FT, and tried to induce a call with the usual "You're well behind mate. If I were you I'd definitely be folding" type of bollocks. Anyway, he called with KQ and his 3% shot didn't improve.

Canaryboy played really well and eventually went out in 4th for £450. Considering he was a short-stack for a lot of the time it was a great achievement.

Earlier on, Snap was unlucky to be outdrawn in a 3-way all-in when a little more luck would have put him up with the chip leaders. He still made a profit though as he and I had bought in Canaryboy so we split his winnings 3-way.

I actually lost more chips from missed blinds while taking a piss (I had nearly 10 pints 'cos I'm such a lad :p) than I did in any single pot. One piss cost me 4.5k when I only had 20k left- and I fucking sprinted to the loo too! (Tip: When playing live, it's cheaper to take a piss at full-handed tables.)

Anyway, we were soon down to the final three and we then decided to chop for just over £1k each.

Overall, it was a great night but I've got a fucking headache this morning.


Anonymous said...

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Smart Money said...

Here is a link to the best solution.


Don't select the main browser option that they offer. Instead click on the VPN solution link on the right hand side, in the red box. It costs $30, and it's good for 3 months.

Then, when you want to play, just select an IP address from a choice of countries.

(If this is the solution that you have tried, and have had problems with it, then contact them. The one time I had problems connecting was down to a fault at their end.)