Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I'm back in England now for two weeks to visit my family and to play in Betfair's BFWCOP3 tournament this upcoming week-end.

I'm really looking forward to the event, and it'll be great to see everyone that I met last year and a few new faces too. Mandylou from the Betfair forum has put in an awful lot of time and effort again this year, and I'm sure it will be on par with last year's excellent week-end.

To be honest, the poker itself is just an added bonus. This trip is costing me well over $10,000 if I include loss of online poker earnings on top of all other expenses. So it's not a +EV journey to make from a poker perspective despite the added value on offer with JPJ and his Bournemouth posse playing.

However, I will still be taking the event as seriously as is possible for someone who will be completely shitfaced.

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