Monday, July 30, 2007

Connect 4

Last night marked the first time I've had four consecutive $1,000+ days. There seems to be a lot of action on the tables around 3am - 4am EST (8am - 9am UK) so I will continue to try and put in a decent amount of hours.

The River King fucked me again in one hand last tonight:

River King Hand

Taken in isolation, those three hands (see last post) where I have been rivered by a King had a combined probability of 0.01%!! Frustrating but, as I mentioned before, it's not worth worrying about. Good job I have a chat ban though.

Here's a nice cooler that I won tonight:

Quad Tens Vs Kings Over Tens Hand

I played 3 more of those 45-man MTTs, and won one of them for $342. Here's the last dozen hands from the Final Table:

MTT Final Table

My Sharkscope ROI is up to 101% :)


Rich said...

My god how many nice hands did you have on that FT???
WP all the same though

Smart Money said...

LOL, I know. I was fortunate enough to win 10 out of the final 12 hands. 6 were with nice hands, and 4 were on steals.

Highstack said...

Luckbox :-)

Bazza said...

He played them Kings well :)

Ben said...

Hmm I would have blown my fuse on that River King. Someone should invent virtual gloves so you can reach through the screen and strangle clueless morons who pull off that kind of bullshit.

Damn those steals were cheeky at the final table. You mingled them well with the good hands, must have been frustrating the shit out of those last three players.

Anonymous said...

just out of interest, how the hell have u made so much profit playing predominantly nl 1/2 cash? 5 1k plus days in a row?

Smart Money said...

The key is more to do with effectively playing a lot of tables simultaneously. Specifically this means being able to act fairly quickly with each decision. This relies in part on the ability to judge the strength of each opponents' hand, and with experience this becomes quite easy for the most part.

Last month I averaged $120/hr which translates to $10/hr/table.

$10/hour or 5BB/hour (this includes rake- would be closer to 4BB/hour without it) is a good rate but obviously quite obtainable if someone is playing just a single table.

It is comparable with a regular winner playing a single $10/$25 table but with more fish than you would expect to find at those stakes!

Anonymous said...

I understand that u multi table, but shouldn't normal variance limit u to making perhaps say 15 buy ins a week at most? cheers for the reply by the way, i play for a living too and have been struggling with 6 tabling 1/2 nl recently. so i'm obviously very interested!

Smart Money said...

I'm averaging 20-25 buy-ins during a 40-hour week. If someone chose to put in more hours then no doubt more could be earned