Monday, April 07, 2008

"It's so Funny, How we don't Talk Anymore."

They may be the words of pop legend and tennis-playing Christian Cliff Richard, but they seem so perfect to sum up the situation between you and I. You don't write, you don't call....

Anyway, I forgive you. Let's kiss and catch up:

March Results

I didn't play too much in March due to being in England, modelling part-time, doing a lot of work for charity mate, and shagging loads of birds. I did run very well though.

April to Date

So far I am down $1 this month (including rake-back) and I have been playing very, very poorly. Last night's 10bi loss was my worst day ever:

Lake Tahoe

The weekend before last, I went snowboarding in Lake Tahoe for 3 days. I spent a total of zero hours on the slopes, instead choosing to spend my time playing poker all night ($2/3 NL), getting shit-faced, and sleeping during the day.

I was pretty much playing a 90/10 style (90%VPIP) and was limping blind in many hands. I was killing the tables but actually made a loss by the end of it! My main goal though was just to have fun and play some big pots. I got my wish, losing a $3,200 pot with AK v KK (don't ask how) and $1,800 with J7 v 88 on a 778J board!

Next time, I won't even bother taking my snowboard.

Vegas Again

I'm off to Vegas again on the 17th for 4 nights to see the Joe Calzaghe/ Bernhard Hopkins fight. I'm looking forward to the trip, and to playing more live poker but I have to be more disciplined over the lengths of my sessions. Every time I get there I play all night/morning and then I'm fucked for a full 24 hours. Hopefully I can concentrate a little more getting pissed and chatting up some girls this time.

Last of the Mohicans

I think I may be having a mid-life crisis (Is 37 mid-life?) as I decided to get a mohawk yesterday, and I'm contemplating getting a tattoo. (I can't decide on "SKINS," "I 'heart' Mum," "A.C.A.B.," or "Cut Here" with a pair of scissors and a dotted line around my throat.)

"You can do it!"

I'm continuing to concentrate on working out this month, in order to get in good shape for the Summer. I'm going to the gym four days a week, and boxing five days a week. We've got a pretty good boxing set-up at my house, but I'll be boxing mainly at the gym where I have a good coach working me on the mitts.

Seeing as how poker is such a sedentary "sport," it's very important to maintain an active lifestyle outside of muppets and bad beats. And not just for the physical side of it; it helps to keep you mentally sharp too.


Anonymous said...

wtf, king prawn fan?


VT Hokie Poker said...

a) 9.70bb/100... you are a sick human being. Run like god much?

b) No 10bi loss days man. I don't know what your schedule is like, but a stop-loss should be implemented well before that imo.

c) 10k in under 3k hands is the sickest thing ever.

Have a good one man. Hopefully i can make you have a terrible month by personally take 10k off ya. Good luck on the tables.

raylapsley said...

Not sure how religious you are, but are you aware of what happened to Sansom after his haircut

Agree with your views on physical activity but it can also affect your game adversely - having only one eye (the other being closed, black, purple and yellow thanks to a poorly executed takedown and a well placed instructors knee) dramatically screws up the play on the right of my two screens, and I would estimate has reduced my bb/100 by 5 against any opponents that sit on my right hand side as I cant seed them!!!!

Binner said...

Im in Vegas then for the fight mate. Would be good to catch up for a beer and some poker if you fancy? Let me know

Anonymous said...

What casino you thinking of playing at?


Smart Money said...

Caesars is good (where I'm staying.) I also like Venetian and Mirage.

Kenny said...

Mike, I figure you might appreciate the desperation of this:

Anonymous said...

Hey smart poker, what do you use to withdraw/deposit money from full tilt? Epassport, bank check, etc? It seems that epassport doesnt let you deposit anymore.

Smart Money said...

I use Epassporte. I've never had to deposit since my initial deposit- although I may have to if this month doesn't improve!

Smart Money said...

Great porn Kenny!

Goldseraph said...

Sick month yo.. proud to have personally witnessed the drunken night when you moved up and crushed.

Doublemeup said...

Nice score for March.

How did you get to be living in the US ? Did you need a visa ?

GL at the tables :)

FreeBets said...

Hi just wondering wether you'd like to exchange links with our betting blog

Let me know and I'll get ur link up


Anonymous said...

Hey Smartpoker, just a quick question for you - Being that you are a heavy multi-tabler and play a ton of hands, how do you deal with poker burnout?

After like 40 hours/week of poker 15 tabling how do you keep up your mental edge where most people would start to become undisciplined and break even, or even start to mess up their bank roll? From my experience this is huge. You talk about fitness and such, but any other thoughts or insights on discipline and mental edge?

Thanks in advance and good luck on the tables...

Anonymous said...

mike ffs bin the tattoo idea !!!!

cant really see you going back to your mum with an I ''HEART'' mum tattoo and her saying ''son thats so lovely''

have a great time at the fight


The Busted Man said...

baldy is better lol joe calzaghe to win of course....

Michael said...


My name is Mike. I am a big fan of your site. I recently started my own poker blog and was wondering if we could link up? Either way, I still added your site to my "favorite poker blogs" section. My site is listed below:

My main journal already attracts a good amount of visitors, but I just started the poker section. Best of luck to you!


Anonymous said...

Mike, I haven't seen you at the tables lately. Too much fun in the real world? Whats your game plan for the tables.

also, any luck on that home game?

Smart Money said...

I'll make a post in the next day or two about what's been going on.

Pud's Poker said...

Hey Smart, do you play soley on FT or do you spread out on other sites to?

How do you deal with the regs you obviously meet at the tables as they'll know you're on 3m tarbs and will act accordingly. Do you try to avoid them or just carry on playing your game and make them adjust to you?

Damn Ringer said...

lets setup a time to do this cash game narena.

I'd love to get this thing in this weekend, if you can get a nice group.

Smart Money said...

This week-end is good with me. Not sure how many I can get.

Damn Ringer said...

my aim is killerbeesrun

and my e-mail is

hit me up, and we can discuss it.