Monday, February 25, 2008

Show Me the Way to Go Home...

Saturday was a big night out. We had close to 30 people over at the house first for a couple of hours before all heading into town.

I got completely shit-faced and only remember a few minutes from the first bar we went into. I have no recollection of the time spent in the club.

My mate Jon called me today to let me know that even though I don't remember it, I did have a good time! He also told me that as we were leaving, some very pretty (and very drunk) girl was looking at me so he tried to get her lined up for me (fuck knows why because even at 3pm the next afternoon I was still so fucked up I couldn't even have a wank.)

He said he was doing a great job and it looked as if she was going to come back. All this time I had said nothing and was just leaning against Jon to stop myself from falling over. Anyway, eventually she said that she'd better not as she had a boyfriend. Apparently I just laughed and said "Well, fuck off then you slag!"

Jon had to go to the loo because he was laughing so much and started to piss himself! I'm sure I was just having a laugh because I'd never intentionally talk like that to a girl. Honest. Well, usually not.

Anyway, we got a cab back to mine and I opened up my 16 tables of $1/$2 about 3am. I also don't remember any of this but I carried on drinking and playing until 1:30pm (Over 10 hours!!) The funny thing is, by the time I'd finished I'd made over $3,000!!- taking my profits for the last 3 days to almost $7k including rake back.


Amatay said...

Mate, you are fucking sick. Its taken me all month to earn $7k. I dont play 16 tarbs like you, usually 9-12 but fuck me $3k in one pissed session? you coount!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

LMFAO at the "slag" comment! I used to be a proper cunt when I was out on the lash. One bird once came up to me and said "Hmm you smell nice is that Cool Waters?" to which I replied "Yes. You smell nice have you been jogging?!"

Anyways, Amagayfish sent me, any chance of linking up a micro-donk??

Kenny said...

Apparently I just laughed and said "Well, fuck off then you slag!"


Anonymous said...

Drunk is the new sober. Impossible to lose :)


Kos said...

Wow, maybe you should only play when you're hammered.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just deposited on Full tilt for the first time (unfortunately i registered an account a long time ago to watch the pro's) and therefore i havent got it linked up to any affiliates for rakeback. As you play alot their i was wondering if you had any contacts that could sort me out? I've emailed them twice and had no reply yet.

JPhil said...

lol you are my HERO! =)

By the way, are you going to vegas during the WSOP?

Smart Money said...


Sorry, I can't help you there. Full Tilt said that as they'd already given me a Superuser account which allowed me to see other players' cards, that they couldn't do anything else for me.

Your best option is to open another account in the name of a relative.

Smart Money said...


Yes, I think so. I was speaking with oldschool (2+2 forum) about this, and he is planning to be out there too. It'd be great if a big group of us could meet up.

Time to practice some MTTs!