Monday, October 29, 2007

Cost of a Saturday Night Out.... Priceless

2 bottles of champagne, vodka & Redbulls, beers and tips

Paying a stranger in the street to drive my car home


Playing poker completely wankered

Loss of expected winnings that I would have made if I'd stayed in

Total cost of a Saturday night out

NL cash is not suited for drunken play. I was nearly $3k down before I sobered up and remembered where my Fold buttons were. The worst part of the evening is that I remember very little about it. Oh well.

October Update 4

Day 22: +$1,715
Day 23: +$1,530
Day 24: +$1,317
Day 25: +$514
Day 26: +$277
Day 27: -$1,751
Day 28: +$1,129

Month-to-Date Stats:

Total: +$24,020

Hours: 192

Average Rate: $125/hour

Hands: 129,181

BB/100: 8.38


raylapsley said...

Bad luck on the drunk front Mike - did you turn your chatbox on as well, and give out the old choice words to the fish?

Whilst part of me commiserates, the other part thinks "Shit, I wish I had seen that, I would of RAPED his ass!"

Actually, come to think of it, I may have played a hand with you where you committed about half your stack by reraising me after the flop but then check folded, so maybe this could have been then?

Still seems a good month though buddy - well done

Running with Spades said...

Weee... Sounds like a fun night :)

JPhil007 said...


I saw you at the tables that night and the thing that surprised me is that you were not playing with a full buy-in on MANY tables!

NOW I understand why! You were probably to drunk to think to rebuy! :)

Gamboooool20 said...

I spent Saturday night at a Halloween party and ended up drunk as well. But I am pretty much trained to not even think of getting near the tables when I'm like that.

Lesson learned I guess....I hope. Awesome month but I doubt that was the way you wanted to end your winning streak. Then again....perhaps it was more fun then just taking a ton of bad beats from idiots.


sick man! 24k months is unreal. is that including rb?

Smart Money said...

Yes. It includes ~$3.5k rb

Anonymous said...

Read your blog and wanted to say fantastic results for 1/2NL

Its goes without saying that you must be one of the most successful players at that level - was wondering based upon the amount that you play if you have found other players whose success rates mirror yours, and who they are?

If you had to, who would you say is the MOST successful at that level?


Smart Money said...

The best gauge of success is probably "number of tables played x BB/100."

There are several successful multi-tablers who I have ~20k hands on.

However this is nowhere near enough hands to get an accurate BB/100 so I don't know if anyone is earning more.

Anonymous said...

Thats fair enough, but do you have a group of players that you could name that would make up what you feel is the elite based upon your histories so far? Do you think they all eran about 20,000 a month, and the ones that you know - are they full time players?

Many thanks

Gamboooool20 said...

To help answer the question, I would be shocked if there was even one 1/2 NL regular who earns even HALF as much as Mike. There are plenty of players who can approximate his winrate per 100 hands, myself included. The challenge though is maintaining that winrate when you increase tables, and I know there's no chance I could accomplish that. Not to mention the sheer volume of hours he takes on is unbelievable. Mike has nearly optimal 1) winrate, 2) volume of tables at one time, and 3) hours logged. I can think of some players that might have 2 of the 3, but not all three. Personally I play about half of the hours and 1/4 of the tables. Doing the simple math, that means I make roughly 1/8 of what Mike does despite considering myself a pretty profitable winning player. Other players I know of who play as much as him are breakeven type players who probably make most of their money through rakeback. It's pointless to ask him who other regulars are making nearly 20k a month because they just don't exist at 1/2.

Smart Money said...

Some of the more successful players are:


There are several others who make a fair amount too.

I know full_tilting, mariojr, and 0_Drunkenboxer log quite a few hours each month. I'm not sure how many others have no other source of income.

I don't know if any average $20k a month but I'm sure there are quite a few making at least $10k.

Smart Money said...

This new website might be interesting if/when they ever manage to datamine all the cash tables: