Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September Update 1

September is going well considering I had 12 days off from playing cash whilst back in England. So far I'm at $9,327 profit for the month (not including the $3k I made playing live while back in England.) (I'm up $8,213 in the last 8 days, over a total of 53 hours; $155/hr.)

I've made a minor adjustment to my pre-flop/flop play and I feel that I'm playing really well. I've also been making sure that I only play when fresh, even if it means some unusual sleep patterns. (Yesterday I slept from 2:30pm until 7:30pm, and then 10:30pm until 2:00am before I started playing- for 5 hours until 7am.) I've actually been trying to add a bit more structure to my daily schedule, and I'll post about that at another time.

I looked at my PT stats since going full-time in March earlier today (600,000+ hands.) I was a little over 3BB/100 @ $1/$2, and a little over 2BB/100 @ $2/4. This number was a little lower than I thought, however they're not bad considering I'm playing 12 tables at a time, and RB isn't included. (My average hourly rate is $94/hr.) As a result, I decided to add some $2/$4 tables tonight, and will continue to play those as long as my $2/$4 BB/100 is at least as good as 50% of my $1/$2 BB/100.


I'd like to play more STTs as I've also been running really well at the $55 9-seaters, however I doubt they're as profitable as playing cash. If I get time in the afternoon then sometimes I'll play them on my lap-top while watching TV. I played 4 of the $55 STTs simultaneously the other day and got 3 x 1sts , and a 2nd. It got a bit hectic with them all being HU at the same time!


chilin_dude said...

Good month so far again Mike, good to read.
I got a couple questions if you have time:

1. Whats your most profitable cash hand and what is the least one?

2. Have you at any point felt un-motivated as many people on the forum suggest they do and have had enough, but as of yet I haven't experienced this.

3. Do you make detailed notes on players? If so what sort of thing are in these? Is it like: "Called a re-raise pre of $14 at 0.50/1 with AQos" or not?

Thanks, and thanks for all the spreadsheets etc

Smart Money said...

1. AA. (Over a large enough sample, I'm sure everyone's most profitable hand is AA regardless of the stakes or table size.)

Least profitable hands are all the junk hands.

2. Never, and I've never come close. There will sometimes be bad days of course- and once in a while I'll have a day off if I'm still pissed off from the day before. (This happened last Sunday. I came in drunk on Saturday night and made a quick $1k+ profit before taking a $1,500 downswing through bad beats and bad play.)

3. My notes aren't too detailed on most players, as it's not really possible to do so playing 12 tables. I'll typically just put abbreviations such as:

f (fish)
cs (calling station)
dnb (do not bluff)
dnsb (do no semi-bluff)
mcmcb (may check [instead of putting in] missed continuation bet)
wmcb (weak missed continuation bet)
2b (will fold to 2nd bullet)

and, because I have a chat ban and can't type in abuse, when I lose to a bad beat I'll often add something like "USELESS FUCKING PRICK" to the notes to make me fell better! :)

chilin_dude said...

Thanks a lot for the replies mike!
Good to read about your notes, makes good sense, and glad to hear that you haven't thought about giving up as reading all those people on BF I was wondering if I was going to be like this soon.

Just a couple more questions (sorry for bugging you).
With the first question i didn't really explain - i meant what are your most profitable 'non-premium' hands (AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK,AQ excluded), like 98 suited etc? And is there any reasonable hand you have a leak with (98suited again etc).

Also is there any chance you could post your poker tracker graph up? I realise it would take an age to process since my 12k database takes a while to make one but It would be good to see a graph of how you've gone since hopefully I'll be following in your footsteps!


Smart Money said...

I tried producing the graph of my six months since going full-time (600k+ hands) and got an "out of memory error."

I'm having additional RAM installed today (512 --> 2k) so I'll try again later.

chilin_dude said...