Monday, August 13, 2007

12 Days of Titmas

For each of the next 12 days, I shall be posting a pair of breasts with the usual question: "Real or Fake?" All answers will be given once all twelve pairs have been shown.

(All of the breast competitions up until now have been of girls that I know but I have to admit that this isn't the case with these 24 tits! Thanks to Highstack for the pictures.)

Picture #1: Real or Fake?


JPhil007 said...

OMG! Real or Fake, it is a 9 /10! :)

I would say REAL!

By the way, I saw in your blog that you now play on Pokerstars too. How are the players there if you compare them to Full Tilt?

I'm thinking to add some tables too when I play, but I don't know if it is better for me to play on Pokerstars or iPoker (I'm canadian).

(iPoker is now supported by Poker Ace HUD... weeeeeeeeee!!! :) )

Anonymous said...

Fake :)


Anonymous said...

Real for me


voiceofjoe said...