Thursday, July 12, 2007

Readers' Mums' Breasts Competition #2 Answer

Those beauties were a fake pair, but they actually look pretty good.

Thanks again to Highstack's mum for letting me take the photo. Well done to Highstack, Tank and Wonky Jim for giving the correct answer. Although to be fair, given that all three have sucked on those tits plenty of times, you'd expect them to get the answer right.

Here's a friend of her's:

Breasts Competition #3

Easy one this. Just really an excuse to show another pair. :)


Anonymous said...

They are 100% real.



Highstack said...

They are definitely real Mike.

If you look closely above them you can just see the initials 'PQ' where the pendant was sheltering from the sun.

Anonymous said...

They are real.

Tank resident boob expert.

Wonky said...

Real... as a matter of interest just what do you say to all these women in odrer for them to let them take a pics of their tits?

bellathegoat said...

LOL highstack! No you cannot!!!!