Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Readers' Mums Breasts Competition #2

Apologies for anyone wanting to read about poker but most of my free time right now is being spent playing, but I will update soon.

In the meantime, thanks to Highstack for allowing his mum to pose for me for the lastest competition. So are these real or fake?


Anonymous said...

That's a bloke, surely?



Highstack said...

They are definitely fake. I have sucked on them and they didn't produce any milk which is why I look so under-nourished.

ShaaBoom said...


They are mine.

Anonymous said...

Fake they look too big for her bodysize.


Andy Cairns said...

they look real, if I had paid for them I would want a refund, and them nips are like chapel hat pegs

and another thing, they look more like highstacks' than his mums

Wonky said...

I think they could be fake.

Anonymous said...

real again and rather nice rasperrys btw

m lou