Wednesday, July 25, 2007

$200,000 UP!

My winning streak came to an end over the last couple of days with losses of $133 and $544. However I had a good win on the tables last night for a profit of $1,911.

I was playing 12 x $1/2 for most of the night, but I also played a table of $2/4 for a short while.

Here's a nice $1,000+ pot that I picked up

That takes my total online poker profit past the $200k mark for a grand total of $200,182.

If I maintain my current rate then I should be close to the half-a-million dollar mark by Christmas 2008.

Stats since going full-time at the start of March:

Profit: $74,723

Hours: 792

Rate: $94/hr.

Hands: A fucking shit load. Probably 600,000+


Rich said...

$94 an hour.
Fuck me thats a lot, £40 an hour - a lot more than you got before I presume?

ymaw_spu said...

Wow great effort. I still cant believe you succesfully play 12 tables thats insane.


Also thankyou for your spreadsheet the members of my website were stoked with it.

If you have any spare time could you possibly add me to msn.


Smart Money said...

Nath. I have added you.

Smart Money said...


I was earning around $55/hr for quite a while when I played slightly less tables part-time.

The extra tables help of course, but I also think my game has improved too.