Sunday, March 02, 2008


If you're from England, you drink beer. Lots of beer.

But what if you play poker too? Well, as mentioned before, drunk is the new sober.

I arrived back in England on Thursday for a few days. Last night I went out with some old friends and got pretty drunk.

I got home about 2am and decided to play some poker. I don't have my 3 x 30" monitors here of course so I figured I'd venture onto the higher stakes tables and just play four of them on my laptop. So, I joined 2 x $5/$10 tables and 2 x $2/$4 tables. Now I've never played $5/$10 before, but I recently decided that I need to give it a try at least.

I built my $1k starting stack up to nearly $10k on one table. :)

The funny thing about playing pissed out of your head, is that it makes you completely fearless! lol. Which may or may not be a good thing!

Usually I play an 18/6 style. Today I played 24/15(!!)

I had already imported my Poker Tracker database onto my laptop from my desktop before returning to England. However, because I was so drunk I actually forgot to open up PAHUD until just before the end of my session so I played nearly the whole time without stats on any of the players. Anyway, it didn't seem to matter much because by the time I'd finished I'd made an $11k profit!

I'm sure I'll play those stakes drunk again soon, and probably give all the profits back(!) but for now I'll enjoy the moment!

Now..... where's my fucking beer!?

Looking back on last night's shenanigan's, it could easily have gone so wrong! As I usually just play $1/$2, I only keep between $5k and $10k in my account, and when I left for England I withdrew all but $6k of it.

The night before last I had played 2 x $1/$2 Heads Up tables for 20 minutes before going out. I never play Heads Up, but I figured all the full ring BvB $1/$2 practice has to count for something. Anyway, I ran like a one-legged man wearing a high heeled shoe and lost $700!

So, back to last night. I'm sitting at the $5/$10 and $2/$4 tables with a bank of only $5,300. After just half an hour my AA is cracked by QQ which takes my loss for the evening to over $1,700 and suddenly my bank is now just $3,600! Fortunately I managed to avoid dropping any lower and eventually started building my bank back up.

In the cold light of day, it was pretty foolish to play those tables with so little in my account. I could quite easily have lost the full $5,300 and things would have been so different! Just call me Bluescouse. :)


Goldseraph said...

sick stuff man, watched this go down in semi disbelief. you made my whole roll in one night, and that is depressing :P

thaREALdmoney said...

All I can say is WOW :) Thats really sick.

Beginners luck? haha

Keep it up. You should probably take a 10 buyin shot now at 5/10. See if you can keep the heater alive and make it ur regular game.

That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dude your sick!! lol i watched last night...i play alot of nl100on FTP and just from reading a couple of the guys' blogs i play with (dobieatwar, vizer02) i checked yours out and been keepin up the last few months...very impressive!! i always look forward to your drunken 15 buyin win posts!! lol good luck man keep killin em..


Kos said...

So...fucking...awesome. Keep pwning 5/10.

Richard Taylor said...

Hey man,

what hud are you using?

Congrats on the success!


Smart Money said...

Cheers all. Thanks for the support! :)

Smart Money said...

Chilin- I use PAHUD.

Smart Money said...

I added everyone's links too.

Dave said...

LOL u should have gone straight to 50/100 with ur last 3k if you wanted to be like bluescouse mate ;-)

Nice performance at the 5/10 tables mate. I dont think there is anyone who reads your blog who doesnt think you can play 5/10 all the time. keep up the good work mate.

Can you link me up too please?

Binner said...

Great results lately Smart...been keeping an eye on your progress. Have linked your blog, Im playing 1/2 and 0.50/1 atm on FTP, 6-8 tables. Will probably see you soon.

Link me up

Roofer said...

your like a machine, n i jus wana oil you up baaaaaaaaaby!!

flight2q said...

It looks like being able to play while drinking is important to a poker pro who also wants a good life balance.

In 2005, I tracked my play with different beverages. Was playing SNG's at the time. I ranked them, best to worst, as rum, water, Samuel Adams, and coffee.

Fred said...

Good stuff man. I have no doubt in your abilities to crush the mid limit full ring games as you have always been one of the best 1-2NL grinders.

At the very least I want to see you up with us 2-4 regs.

Use the Force Luke.

sttrow said...

Long time reader - you're monthly winnings are normally pretty great as they on for a $20,000 month now?

Well done mate......especially pissed

Smart Money said...

Hi Sttrow.

Well, after such a good start to the month I'd hope to break $20k despite going away again at the end of the month.

All the best to you.

Hope you recover OK from your Op.